Ric Flair has been rushed to hospital

Ric Flair has been rushed to hospital

WWE legend Ric Flair was rushed to hospital this morning after suffering a "very serious" medical emergency, reports have confirmed.

Flair was reportedly in the Atlanta area at the time. The 70-year-old was immediately taken to the emergency room for treatment.

The specifics of the medical emergency are still unclear.

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Flair had faced a similar medical scare in 2017. After his intestine ruptured, he was placed in a medically induced coma.

His condition was critical and it is believed he was moments from death, having been given a 20 per cent chance of survival by doctors.

Fortunately, Flair recovered and just a year later he married his long term girlfriend Wendy Barlow.

Last year, he revealed he had been cleared to get back into the ring, telling The Steve Austin Show:

I had difficulty doing anything when I still had that bag on my side that was attached to my intestines because it sat right at my waistline and it was hard, but as soon as I got that off, I was back doing 500 free squats.

To me, I just need a goal. Does that make sense? But I finally got the weight back on and then I found myself putting more weight back on than I wanted, so I have to be careful with that, but I’ve been working out. I can do anything, benchpress.

I have to be careful after surgery, the second surgery, for hernia issues. But I literally took it easy. I didn’t do anything. And now I’m full speed ahead.

The guys have cleared me to do anything. I’ve actually been cleared to get knocked down in the ring. I didn’t know if they were going to use me in some capacity and you know the clearances you have to have with the health policy, which is so adamant.