Rihanna broke up with her billionaire boyfriend for this brutal reason

Rihanna broke up with her billionaire boyfriend for this brutal reason

Rihanna continues to slay with her incredible red carpet looks (we'll never forget her pope-inspired Met Gala ensemble), as well business venture after business venture, launching her own lingerie brand Savage right off the back of the success of her makeup line Fenty.

But if you thought that during her reign she had no time for romantic pursuits, you'd be wrong. In fact, rumour has it that she's been dating a billionaire who is an heir of Toyota and whose family own a soccer league. However, recent reports state that she's called it off, for one simple (and savage) reason.

It's reported that she's been dating  Saudi businessman Hassan Jameel for a while now. Though she took the red carpet for the 2018 Grammy's in January solo, she was spotted leaving the after party with Hassan. Rumours first ignited in June last year, when they were snapped making out in a pool in Spain and went on a date together in Ibiza shortly after that.

They were then spotted adorably sharing an umbrella in London in August, and went on a low-key Halloween date (she was Kylo Ren, he was a penguin), and though they've never even addressed their rumoured romance, a source said back in July that they "have been hooking up for a few months."

But it seems that even his $1.5 billion worth means nothing to Rihanna (who's loaded herself, thank you very much), because she simply "gets tired of men sometimes." It's not confirmed if she actually did say this, though it does sound like something she would say (and we can all relate, tbh).

The story comes from MediaTakeOut News, who claim a source close to Rihanna confirmed that "Rihanna and him were together for a while," though the Fenty mogul decided to end things.

"It was a good relationship, but now it's over. Of course Rihanna broke his heart. That's what she does: break[s] men's hearts. Rihanna just got tired of him. She gets tired of men sometimes," the source told MediaTakeOut News.

Just last month, she told Vogue that she'd met someone that she'd fallen for. While she refused to name names, many people speculated it was Hassan. "I used to feel guilty about taking personal time, but I also think I never met someone who was worth it before," she gushed at the time.

She was also asked about Drake, who she was sort-of-but-not-really dating for years on end, and who made his affections all-too-clear to her when he went in for a kiss at the VMAs, which Rihanna swiftly rejected. The moment is now infamous, and Rihanna cringed that it was an "uncomfortable" moment. She admitted to Vogue that there was nothing romantic between them at all any more. In fact, it sounds like they're barely friends: "We don't have a friendship now, but we're not enemies either. It is what it is."

Well, she's definitely not getting back together with Drake and now she's reportedly ditched her billionaire boyfriend too, but fret not if you think she's wallowing in heartbreak right now. As she famously said in what might be the sassiest interview ever in October last year: "I'm not looking for a man". You go girl.