Rodrigo Alves reveals he can now breathe properly after 11th nose job

Rodrigo Alves reveals he can now breathe properly after 11th nose job

Rodrigo Alves has spent the past two decades having painful plastic surgery - but his 11th nose job is an important one. His 11th nose job is the one that unblocked his nose and gave him back his sense of taste after four years of struggling.

Appearing on British talk show This Morning, Alves, otherwise known as 'Human Ken Doll', debuted his new look after his 70th procedure, naming his formerly blocked nose "a dead organ".

"Now I can breathe, I had my nose done for the 11th time," he told hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield. "It's been four years. I was living with my nose blocked. It's like having a constant cold, not being able to taste food or wine. My nose was a dead organ. I caught a bacterial infection. I had to wait all this time."

Human Ken Doll surgery Credit: Caters

Revealing that he went all the way to western Asia for his surgery this time, he named his 70th experience in the operating room "perfect", stating: "I travelled all the way to Iran where they perform it a lot. The experience makes it perfect. In London, they perform on average four nose jobs in a week. In Iran, they perform as many as seven nose jobs a day.

"You pay premium prices in Beverly Hills. One nose job I paid £25,000. I wasn't happy with my breathing. In Iran, it was less than half the price. Medical services are very good in Iran."

Demonstrating that he could now close his eyes, seven days after undergoing his fifth Canthopexy eye-lift surgery - which was intended to make him look like a "sexy cat" - he also explained that, at 35 years old, he felt he wasn't getting "any younger".

Human Ken Doll cat Credit: Caters

"For the first two days I couldn't close my eyes properly," he said. "I'll close my eyes now. I'm tender everywhere. Yes, I've also put on some weight. I heal quickly. The procedure is not very popular. It's a type of eye-lift. I've had five eye-lifts. I'm 35 years old and I'm not getting any younger. Your eyes drop. Most people get this look adding eyeliner and mascara."

Despite all of the dangerous surgery he had undergone, Human Ken Doll insisted that he was "healthy", telling the hosts of the show: "At least now I'm so happy I can breathe. Food tastes differently. I've had a lot of very nice food in Iran that I've never had before. Plastic surgeons only perform on healthy people. I'm so healthy. I have lots of blood tests. I'm a very healthy person."

One of the risks of so much plastic surgery, he said, was that his identity documents were often questioned. "I've had so many problems, he explained. "I've had problems in Dubai, India, city of London with my passport. I commute between London and Milan and they know me. But they are only doing their job. I have to change my passport picture."

His last big shock for fans was to claim that he was "done" with plastic surgery for the next few years, insisting that we wouldn't be seeing him in the operating room for a long time.

"If I was a smoker or had an illness, it would be a risk or a danger. I'm done with plastic surgery for the next few years and if I need to have surgery I can, my entire body has been modified," he said.

So, is this really the last surgery we'll see from Human Ken Doll for a while? One thing is for sure: either way, we'll be watching!