Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively welcome third child

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively welcome third child

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have welcomed their third child together, People has confirmed. Several publications are reporting that the actress gave birth to their most recent child sometime in the last two months.

Reynolds, 42, and Lively, 31, are already parents to two daughters: James, 4 (born in December 2014) and Inez, 2 (born in Septeber 2016).

The pair revealed they were expecting another child at the Pokémon: Detective Pikachu premiere in May.

While the couple is known for being very private, they have both publically spoke out about how they have navigated parenthood over the last few years.

According to People, the Gossip Girl star said:

"I think it’s hard to slap labels on any parents because it’s just so tricky. It’s like every moment you’re figuring out what the heck you’re doing. You think: ‘Ooh, should I be more strict, or should I be more I don’t know, emotional?’ Or whatever it is. If anybody knows how to be a parent, I feel like grandparents really know how to be parents. But parents, you just figure it out as you go. So, I wouldn’t put a label on it."

Per E!, Reynolds said that he "loves" waking up in the middle of the night while tending to the little ones:

"There have been times where I woke up, literally had no idea I had been walking for five minutes. But you love it. You wake up in the middle of the night, you got a big stupid smile on your face. I was telling someone else that. Anything else that woke you up every 45 minutes, you’d kill it. But when it’s a baby, it’s the best thing that ever happened to you."

According to Metro, Reynolds also spoke about how important it is to both himself and Lively that they "operate as a unit":

"Blake and I don’t do movies at the same time. If she is doing a movie in Thailand and I am doing a movie in Vancouver we would just never see each other.

We operate as a unit, and that works really well for us. The kids stay with us, and the family stays together, and that is where home' is. So if we are in Spain or Utah or New York, as long as we are together, we’re home.