Ryan Reynolds shares hilarious new ad with 'Peloton Wife'

Ryan Reynolds shares hilarious new ad with 'Peloton Wife'

This week, social media users were left disturbed by a commercial for Peloton exercise bikes, with many believing that the relationship it depicted appeared to be an abusive one.

The video, entitled: 'The Gift That Gives Back', was uploaded to Peloton's official YouTube channel on November 21. The video's description states: "This holiday, give your loved ones the opportunity to discover their strength, whenever they want it, all year long. Give them a gift that goes beyond the Holiday season. Give the gift of Peloton."

Take a look at the ad and see for yourself what Twitter-users are talking about: 

The video shows a young woman being given an exercise bike as a present by her husband. Despite already being rather slim, she engages in a frantic exercise routine in a bid to impress her husband; which struck many as being a little shady.

However, now Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds has shared a hilarious video which features the actress who played the woman in the ad: this time starring in a new role to promote his own brand of gin.

The ad features the Peleton wife sitting in a bar with two friends, who are attempting to cheer her up with some drink. The bike and husband are nowhere to be seen in Reynolds’ commercial for Aviation Gin, which seems to suggest that the girl has dumped him due to him pressuring her to lose weight.

Watch the hilarious new ad here: 

The three women then sip their drinks, and toast ‘new beginnings’. One of her friends even takes the time to compliment her by stating: "You look great, by the way."
However, this isn't the only response we've seen to the ad; the man who played the husband in the commercial has broken his silence for on the subject at long last.