Sam Smith hates Valentine's Day and finds it 'offensive'

Sam Smith hates Valentine's Day and finds it 'offensive'

It's fair to say that Valentine's Day isn't everyone's favorite holiday. If you're single then it can be quite dispiriting to see couples everywhere rubbing it in your face with gooey displays of affection and sentimental gifts. Even many people in relationships don't like it, seeing it as a needlessly commercialized festival.

But this week, musician Sam Smith has opened up about how much they hate Valentine's Day - even going to far as to describe the occasion as worse than a funeral.

Watch Sam talk about coming out in this interview with Ellen: 

In a recent interview with radio show presenter Roman Kemp on Capital FM, the singer claimed that they hated Valentine's Day so much they wanted to "destroy" the celebration.
Smith stated: "It's my twenty-seventh year of being single on Valentine's Day. I'm over it. It's offensive. Yeah, I'm sad today. Today's a sad day. It's more like a funeral."
They added: "Look I don't want to be a Debbie downer but this isn't my favorite day. I'm quite anti-Valentine's Day. I used to work in Clintons cards, that's probably why I hate Valentine's Day."

Take a look at this clip from the Capital interview below:

In the interview, Smith - who performed the theme tune for the movie Spectre - also shared their thoughts on Billie Eilish's new James Bond theme song 'No Time To Die.'

Smith stated: "It depends on how much pressure you put on yourself I think. I put a lot of pressure on myself and I didn't realize how people really have in their head what a Bond song is so you're never gonna please everyone."

They added: "She's done such a beautiful job and she's kept it classic which I'm so happy about ... I'm really impressed I think it's amazing. Everything she does I think is amazing."

An image of Sam Smith. Credit: PA Images

Recently, the musician also shared a candid-yet-inspirational shirtless picture on social media, as part of a discussion about their "tricky body issues".