Shay Mitchell claps back at people accusing her of faking Instagram vacation posts

Shay Mitchell claps back at people accusing her of faking Instagram vacation posts

Ah, the charmed lives of the rich and famous. When they're not jetting away to exotic locales, or flying under the radar and escaping to secret retreats, they're taking to Instagram to update us on it all - in a slew of aesthetically pleasing posts that are guaranteed to be #wanderlust worthy.

One such celebrity is Shay Mitchell. The actress, who is best known for playing Emily Fields in Pretty Little Liars, has one of those accounts that just makes you want to pack your bags and fly off - stat. However, the 30-year-old, who has become popular for posting travel snaps that she nicknames Shaycations, has been accused of stealing these images and passing them off as her own.

The actress was called out by website StyeCaster for allegedly taking photos from other sources while travelling through China. In the first incident, Shay posted an an image of the Monster Building in Hong Kong to her Instagram stories, with the caption "Night views". However, the publication quickly spotted the exact same photograph on the Canon travel blog.

The website had some pretty damning evidence, and pointed out that a cursor can be seen in the lower left side of Shay's image.

It didn't just stop there. StyleCaster also drew attention to a picture of a pastel-coloured building that Shay allegedly took during her time in Hong Kong, captioned "When buildings inspire your next nail polish change #pastels#ShaycationHongKong."

The website states that the image was taken by photographer, Jan Vranovsky, back in 2014. And what's more, it was snapped in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan.

Another image - of a building with a red door, simply captioned "SHANGHAI" - was found on the travel booking website, Isango! The only difference between the two photographs is that Shay's photo was cropped and zoomed in, and she also applied a light filter.

However, Shay ensured that she had the final say on the matter. Taking to Instagram once more yesterday evening, the former Pretty Little Liars star posted a picture of herself in front of the Shanghai skyline, writing "View so nice it almost looks… fake."


While Shay has been taking other people's photographs, it's evident that she actually is in China. Since announcing her trip, the actress has posted an image of her on a plane, one of her suitcase at an airport in Shanghai, as well as a video of the view from her hotel room where you can hear her speaking.

But regardless of her motives, and the fact that it's morally questionable to steal the work of photographers, it's clear that Shay is enjoying her travels. Maybe next time she should put aside some time to work on her photography skills, however.

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