Six-year-old model dubbed 'The Cutest Child In The World'

Six-year-old model dubbed 'The Cutest Child In The World'

There's no doubt that every parent out there thinks that their kids are the cutest in the world. And why not? It's not as if these things are judged by a people's vote. But on the internet, things are different, and there is a little girl out there who has been dubbed 'The Cutest Child In The World' by social media users.

Meet six-year-old Alina Yakupova, a child model who hails from Russia, whose adorable features have already managed to amass the elementary schoolgirl over 22,000 Instagram followers.

Watch this video of Alina modelling: 

Alina has been modelling for a third of her life, first starting at the age of four, and has now worked for clothing brands such as Monnalisa Kids, Yudashkin Kids, and Gloria jeans, as well as being featured in fashion shoots for publications such as Grazi and Instyle.

Alina also boasts fans from countries as far as Germany, Costa Rica and California, who have been enchanted by her sweet looks and adorable demeanour.

Alina appears to be a part of the new wave of children who have stunned us with their incredible cuteness. The last well-known child model was Thylane Blondeau.

Blondeau was dubbed: 'The World's Most Beautiful Girl' after being photographed as a seven-year-old back in 2009. Blondeau is now a model in her own right, but at the age of 17, she's now opened up about her feelings on her hyperbolic moniker.

Blondeau stated: "Firstly: I do not consider myself the most beautiful girl in the world!" she stated, "When I was little, people always told me. But I did not even understand what they meant. Because who says that? Who says I am the most beautiful? I can not do anything with it. I can not do anything about how I look. This is who I am."

She also spoke about the importance of Instagram in her current career, stating: "I love Instagram! I have many followers and I also think that I should offer them something. I have a private life and a public life, but they are completely mixed up. But I grew up with it. I do not know better! I’m only seventeen, right? I have no problem with it. I even like it! And it is important for my career."