Someone made a life-size Prince Harry and Meghan Markle out of cake and it's seriously impressive

Someone made a life-size Prince Harry and Meghan Markle out of cake and it's seriously impressive

We're used to life-size cardboard cutouts, posters and teddy bears, but what about life-size cakes? Surely we need more of them?

Don't worry though, baker Laura Mason has this under control. She is the woman responsible for making a human-sized chocolate cake of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Weighing 20 stone, the colossal sweet treat was made from 300 eggs and seven stone of fondant icing, with everything edible aside from the frames.

Amazingly, Laura spent days crafting the six-and-a-half feet tall tribute to the royals, and even updated it when the pair announced Meghan's pregnancy, adding a changing bag, a muslin towel, a baby book and a small baby bump.

It was entered in the Cake International competition, which is held annually in Birmingham and was be on show until November 4.

Speaking about her masterpiece, Lara, said: "Every year, I enter the Cake International competition and this year they said they wanted me to create something that will be an official showpiece. It's the biggest cake I've ever done."

She added that she was inspired to create the sugary depiction of the royal couple ahead of this year’s Royal Wedding, telling The Express: "It was my biggest challenge to date. The faces were the hardest part and half-way through I worried I didn’t have any likeness at all."

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Credit: Getty

Impressively, the show-stopper that depicted the Duke and Duchess of Sussex wasn't Laura's only offering to Cake International; she also used her skills to create an edible Queen Elizabeth II and tried her hand at Princess Diana and her young sons, William and Harry. All in all, her works of art took a jaw-dropping 250 hours.

These treats aren't Lara’s first cakes with a royal twist though. She said: “I’ve done Prince George, the crown jewels as well as a corgi so this was kind of a natural progression for me.”

When news of her Harry and Meghan creation got out, there was a mixed reaction. While many people were left astounded at the baker's obvious talents, others weren't so sure about the life-sized cake, taking to social media to express their feelings.

"Oh wow someone looked into my nightmares and created cakes out of it (sic)," wrote Facebook user Julianne Dudley.

Others agreed that the cake was a little creepy, with Matilda Uebel putting: "Why does young William look like he´s about to murder the person taking the picture? (sic)"

But, despite this, it certainly doesn't look like the end of the road for Laura and her royal offerings. In fact, it looks like the impending birth of Harry and Meghan’s baby may inspire the young baker even further.

"I’d love to do a royal baby in the future," she told The Express.

So, will we be admiring a future baby Sussex in cake form soon? Watch this space.