Taron Egerton just sent Elton John a really weird picture for his birthday

Taron Egerton just sent Elton John a really weird picture for his birthday

On Monday, the legendary singer Elton John turned 72, and hopefully you wore sparkling crystal sunglasses all day to pay tribute. If you're so young you only Elton John from that song with Young Thug, great news! A biopic about Elton's life in the 70's and 80's will be released in May.

In the film, Kingsman star Taron Egerton portrays Elton John. And if you saw Kingsman: The Golden Circle, you know that Elton John appeared as himself in a hilarious supporting role. The two must have really hit off on the set, because in the trailer, Taron totally transforms into the iconic musician.

To celebrate Elton's birthday, Taron shared a really weird photo on Instagram. In the image, which once seen you can never unsee, the 29-year-old lounges in a gold jacket and hot pants, although there's so little fabric that calling them pants is a bit of a stretch. Speaking of stretch, Taron's bulge is prominently featured front and center, framed by his hairy thighs. He's also wearing some pretty cool winged shoes, which I'd rather rock than a pair of Yeezy's.

"Happy Birthday, @eltonjohn," Taron wrote in the caption. "You are just about the most extraordinary person I’ve ever met. In honour of your birthday, here’s a photo of me (as you) in some hot pants."

In the replies, people were surprised and delighted by the super weird photo. "This has to be the single most amazing photo of you ever," gushed @catchcal. "Now, now, you don't want to give [Elton John] a heart attack, do you? A photo this sexy could give us all coronaries," wrote @trekkie pirate. And @country_kid83 commented, "Do those even count as pants? I mean, I’m not complaining."

Congratulations to Elton John for turning 72, and to Taron Egerton for breaking the internet with this smoldering photo. Rocketman hits theaters on May 31, 2019. And Taron's golden bulge will haunt your dreams forever.