'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham shares her outrageous list of dating demands

'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham shares her outrageous list of dating demands

If you're unaware of who Farrah Abraham is, she is best known for her appearance on "teen mom" television show 16 And Pregnant.

Since her time on the show, Abraham has attempted to make a name for herself through a whole host of endeavors. She's achieved an art degree, launched her own line of pasta sauces, and attempted singing career.

Abraham caused outrage earlier this year when she called 9/11 "7-Eleven":

Now, in another bid for relevancy, Abraham has recently provided a list of demands and criteria for taking her on a date - and it comes with a hefty price tag. So, do you have what it takes?

Firstly, it's gonna cost ya! Per TheBlast.com, the 28-year-old believes her time is worth a price tag of $5,000 just to book the date - that's not even with the food or wine! Abraham's rationale behind the hefty sum is that people have monetized the internet, so why not monetize her time?

Next up, Abraham revealed that anybody who wishes to date her (and can afford it) would be subject to an extensive background check. Farrah didn't go into detail on what the background check would entail, but I think we can assume a quick google of their personal net worth is involved.

Abraham shows off what a "cool mom" she is in dancing video with daughter Sofia:

Thirdly - after Abraham has taken you for $5K and gone through your personal details - she expects all her dates to display chivalrous behavior. Of course, good manners should always be forefront on a date, but Farrah expects all her dates to pay for everything (no going Dutch here) an to hold all doors open for her.

Speaking to TooFab, she stated: "Like why are men around if they’re not doing the manly duties that they should."

So, are you happy to tick all these boxes and take Farrah out for a night on the tiles?