Tekashi 6ix9ine's model girlfriend reveals massive tattoo of the rapper's face on her chest

Tekashi 6ix9ine's model girlfriend reveals massive tattoo of the rapper's face on her chest

In November last year, Tekashi 6ix9ine was arrested on federal racketeering and firearms charges. The 23-year-old rapper, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, pleaded not guilty; however - due to previous crimes and the risk of him not showing up for trial - he was denied bail, and has been sitting in jail ever since.

Lance Lazzaro, 6ix9nine's attorney, actually offered to pay a whopping $750,000 for his client's release, and assured authorities that the rapper would surrender his passport and remain on house arrest until his trial - but that wasn't enough.

Despite remaining behind bars, Tekashi has somehow managed to maintain a relationship with his girlfriend. In fact, their commitment to one another seems to have only become more intense since he was put away.

Jade, the rapper's beau, took to Instagram earlier this week in order to show off a new tattoo she's had done... and it's a pretty bold statement, to say the least.

Rather than doing the usual couple thing of getting her partner's name, or the date they met, or even a symbol or image that's significant to both of them, the 22-year-old model went ahead and got Tekashi's entire face inked onto her chest.

As you can see, she already had a '69' emblazoned quite prominently on her body - but apparently that wasn't enough.

Commenters had some, uh, mixed reactions, but the majority weren't exactly supportive of her decision.

"ARE U DUMB DU DU DU DUMB DU DU DUMB STOOPPPIDDD," said one commenter in a reference to Tekashi's song, Stoopid.

"This is how y’all know friends ain’t s**t, someone needs to tell her the truth 😫👏🏽🗣😞😭😂," someone else said.

"You gonna need a serious cover up boo lol ❤️," added a third.

In the past, Jade has also dyed her hair to match her boo's trademark rainbow look.

So, what do we think - is Jade simply a dedicated girlfriend, or could she maybe be a slightly obsessed fangirl who just *happens* to be dating Tekashi? It's all a matter of perspective.