The internet noticed the coolest thing about how the Queen matches her outfits and it's just ingenious

The internet noticed the coolest thing about how the Queen matches her outfits and it's just ingenious

At the age of 92, Queen Elizabeth II truly is an icon for Britain and beyond. She became the longest-reigning British monarch in 2015 when she broke the record of her great-great-grandmother Victoria's reign. And does she show any sight of slowing down? Not really.

The Queen has had an eventful year so far – attending the wedding of her grandson Prince Harry and former Suits actress Meghan Markle, marching President Donald Trump around the royal grounds, and – on a sadder note – bidding farewell to her beloved corgis, the last of whom was put down after suffering from cancer in April.

But she takes it all in her stride and looks as glamorous as ever no matter where she goes. The Queen has perfected her ~lewk~ over the decades, and she's now rarely seen in anything other than a brightly-coloured skirt suit with a matching hat and coat, accessorised with a brooch, her pearl necklaces and gloves.

But while it's hard not to spot the Queen from her clothes alone (on account of their fluorescent tones), there probably is one thing you missed about her outfits. People have just noticed that the Queen matches her outfits in another way, and you really can't unsee it once you know.

It's something she does whenever it rains, which – let's be honest – is every other day in England. But the Queen doesn't let the weather ruin her vibe, and chooses an umbrella that matches the colour of her outfits whenever she heads outdoors.


Apparently, the classic birdcage umbrella design has become her preferred rain-deterring device since 1993. Her brand of choice is Fulton, who seem to be supplying the Queen with an endless supply of custom-made umbrellas with shades that perfectly match her outfits.

Here she is matching her brolly to the yellow from her jacket sleeves and hat.

Her monochrome look was not compromised by this umbrella.

This purple umbrella kept the Queen dry in the drizzle AND complemented her look.

The umbrella even comes in a turquoise shade.

And here, it really keeps her bright red coat as the main focus.

This pink umbrella was perfect for this rainy outing.

And even when she's not using it, the umbrella looks like any other accessory. 

Naturally, the people of the internet were very impressed with the Queen's outfit coordination with her weather-proof accessories.

Keep it up Lizzie, you truly are a style inspiration.