'The Mountain' reveals how he deals with abuse from trolls when he posts pictures with his girlfriend

'The Mountain' reveals how he deals with abuse from trolls when he posts pictures with his girlfriend

While you'd think that people would refrain from trolling someone who is known as the World's Strongest Man, this is not the case when it comes to the actor who plays The Mountain in HBO's hit series, Game of Thrones. Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson clocks in at a whopping 440lb, is six-foot-nine, and is commonly referred to as Thor.

However, keyboard warriors and the like still think it's a good idea to go after him, and his girlfriend, Kelsey Henson. Apparently the height difference between the two - which is substantial to say the least - is something that the people of the internet find so amusing, that they want to make the couple feel embarrassed about it. And to his credit, The Mountain isn't having any of it.

According to the Mirror, an unimpressed Björnsson stated: "I don’t get people asking me to fight face-to-face but there’s a lot of brave folk on the internet. No one has ever threatened me in real life but on Facebook and Twitter it’s all the time. You just get internet warriors."

The Mountain, who has been dating Kelsey since September, has solicited a lot of attention because people are, understandably, confused as to how the pair go in for kisses, given that Björnsson is six-foot-nine and Kelsey is only five-foot-two. It's an entirely average height for a woman, but when compared to her partner - someone who is literally called "The Mountain" - we'd be forgiven for thinking that she could literally fit into his pocket.

In fact, one rather brave individual actually asked Kelsey on Instagram about it, and she happily replied: "He bends, I tip toe. Or just say screw it, pick me up."

But people are apparently still going for the lovebirds. Björnsson, however, knows exactly how to deal with it all.

"People try to be rude against me, my family, my girlfriend, anything. People like to be mean to people through social media," he stated. "That’s what people do today. If there’s anything that offends me, especially if it’s towards my family, I just block them. I don’t accept that. I don’t get upset because I like to focus on the positive. I’m the world’s strongest man. What have they achieved?"

The actor and strongman has previously explained that his considerable size has no effect on his love life, and that many women are actually amazed by how gentle he is.

"Even though I am super-strong; women have never complained of me not being able to handle them 'softly,'" he told fans during a Reddit Q&A back in 2014.

Well, good on The Mountain for not letting the haters get him down. I mean, it's not like the trolls and keyboard warriors would ever have the courage to broach the real-life "Thor" to his face.

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