The Royal Family's photographer shares his favorite photo of Prince George and it's adorable

The Royal Family's photographer shares his favorite photo of Prince George and it's adorable

The British royal family being the object of the world's attention is far from a new thing, but in recent years it has certainly stepped up. The rise of social media and spread of the internet, in conjunction with numerous weddings and pregnancies, has certainly led to the central family members' names being on the tips of many tongues.

That goes for the youngest members too, whose photos are viewed by millions before they can even understand what a camera is or what their place in the world entails. So many people are dying to catch a glimpse of the family as they travel the world that there are photographers who make their livelihood just by photographing them at their various destinations.

Chris Jackson, a photographer for Getty Images, recently spoke to Insider about his role. He has a new book on the way, titled Modern Monarchy: The British Royal Family Today, after following the evolution of the family over the years.

He's been by their side on overseas tours and domestic visits for the past fifteen years, so he's been all over the world, and has quite the archive to share.

The three-time Royal Photographer of the Year has seen photos on front pages of numerous publications, and now he has shared what his favourite photo of Will and Kate's son, George. His chosen photo, he explains to Insider, came from the family's trip to Canada in 2016:

"My favorite photograph of Prince George is probably when he is playing with bubbles in Canada. The sheer joy on his face just makes me smile whenever I see it."

prince george Credit: Getty

"I love photographing Prince George and Princess Charlotte and often come away with a big smile behind the camera. They add an exciting and fun dynamic to any royal tour."

princess charlotte Credit: Getty

In the book, Insider reports that Jackson goes into further detail about some of the biggest events in the family's recent history. He writes about being there when George arrived at the hospital to meet his baby sister Charlotte for the first time, in May 2015, explaining that it was one of his favourite moments.

"There was a look of astonishment on his face that prompted a collective 'Awww!' from the crowd," he writes in the book. "In synchrony with his father, the young prince offered a shy and incredibly sweet wave, while Prince William gave him a reassuring hug."

prince george prince william Credit: Getty

"We've certainly seen some lovely photos from the Duchess of Cambridge over the years," he continued in the interview with Insider. "As someone who loves photographing his family, I really understand the passion that she has for capturing images of those around her."

Next time you see a snap of one of the royals in a public appearance - you'll know this guy will undoubtedly be on the scene to capture every moment.