The truth about Drake and his $20k tip to McDonald's employees

The truth about Drake and his $20k tip to McDonald's employees

Earlier this week, Drake made the news for giving out a tip at a McDonald's location following a midnight run for food. It's a story that has been reported by several news outlets across the globe, as the internet fawned over the rapper and his seemingly never-ending generosity.

But it has emerged that the story did not unfold as first thought, and that while Drake is generous, he is not quite as generous as initially reported. The source of the story was a tweet from USC student AJ Noel (Twitter handle @imajnoel) who revealed that he'd just seen Drake underneath the Golden Arches.

"And he gave two female employees $10,000 each... in cash," added the student, and although it's not clear what influenced AJ to believe that Drake had given out such an amount, there have been emerging reports that the actual sum was nowhere near that amount.

A representative from McDonald's revealed to E! News in a statement: "Despite early reports, McDonald's learned that the amount Drake tipped each employee was $100 not $10,000." Drake did visit the McDonald's in question, however, and posted a picture on Instagram confirming that fact.

But on closer inspection, there might be more to this seemingly random visit to McDonald's than we initially thought. Drake, of course, released a joint track with Meek Mill entitled Going Bad, in which the 32-year-old rapped: "It’s just a lil’ 10-piece for her/Just to blow it in the mall/Doesn’t mean that we’re involved."

It's entirely possible that the gift was, in fact, a nod to that verse. Regardless of the amount of money given, the internet was delighted to see Drake in public, giving back to the regular man. One person on Twitter wrote: "Generous King," while another tweeted: "The world should have more people like him."

Of course, this isn't the first time that Drake's generous side has come out - this isn't even the first time it's happened underneath the Golden Arches. Back in October, after playing at the Forum in Inglewood, California, Drake treated his fans to some McDonald's at an afterparty in the West Hollywood club Poppy.

Drake Credit: Getty

With the likes of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills star EJ Johnson present at the afterparty, spotted helping himself to some Chicken McNuggets, there were reportedly french fries and cheeseburgers on trays, with neon lights in the shape of McDonald's' signature Golden Arches.

Drake also showed his giving side in the music video for his song God's Plan: Drake can be seen handing out thousands of dollars in cash to random people in Florida. On top of that, he bought groceries for more Florida citizens, and even donated a sum of $200,000 to students at the University of Miami.

While the sum proposed was not quite as initially reported, what is without dispute is that despite his immense fame and wealth, Drake is always ready to give back to the community.