This 19-year-old woman perfectly recreated Tom Holland's GQ photoshoot

This 19-year-old woman perfectly recreated Tom Holland's GQ photoshoot

People were skeptical about a new Spider-Man movie, following 2012's not-so-amazing Amazing Spider-Man reboot. However, Spider-Man: Homecoming was a huge hit, winning over audiences and critics. Instead of showing us the same origin story we've already seen twice, they sent Spider-Man on a new adventure, trying to prove himself as an Avenger to a father figure, Ironman Tony Stark.

Marvel comics creator Stan Lee tweeted that Tom Holland "is the exact height and age I envisioned when I first wrote Spider-Man." When Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield first played Spider-Man, they were in their late 20's, but Holland was 19. That youthfulness carried into the role. Holland nailed it as the eager, awkward Peter Parker, and his alter-ego, the wisecracking, overconfident Spider-Man. And how great was he in Avengers:Infinity War? "I don't feel so good, Mr. Stark... I don't want to go!"

Now that he's blowing up, the 21-year-old actor did a thirst trap - I mean, Photoshoot - with GQ. In the pictures, the baby-faced Avenger shows off his chiseled new muscles, lounging by the beach, eating Chinese food with a fork and standing on one leg in pajamas. This images prove that Tom Holland can do anything, and still look cool. Will his photos make someone get so 'thirsty' they bite through their retainer, like that Michael B. Jordan fan? Time will tell.

The photoshoot even inspired one of Tom Holland's fans, 19-year-old Tori Bryanne from Phoenix, Arizona. She recreated Tom's photos to a degree that was surprisingly accurate - nailing the wardrobe, the background, the lighting, the expressions, everytthing. "This is my version of fan art," Tori wrote in the caption. "Please tag [Tom Holland] so he can see them."

After Tori's recreations went viral, her wish came true. On Instagram, she shared a photo of herself with Tom Holland at Comicpalooza, an entertainment and pop culture convention in Houston, Texas. Tom was one of the special guests, who fans could meet for a photo. Tori said when she met Tom, he had already heard about her recreations. She wrote that Tom said, "This was you?! These were viral yesterday!" That's a pretty awesome moment, when you meet a celebrity as a fan, and they recognize you.

On Twitter, one user asked Tori, "Did u hire a creative staff for this?" Tori replied, "If you count my mom and sister as creative staff! they are my team!" The user followed up, asking how she was able to recreate every photo so perfectly. Tori replied, "I had to get a little creative with the clothes, the Hawaiian shirt in the first photo is from Poshmark, my 'suit' is a pair of pajamas actually and the second Hawaiian shirt is from Walmart, I had everything else. I’m actually a photographer, so I just had to scope out areas!"

So, if you want your favorite movie star to notice you, just wait for them to do a photoshoot and recreate the pictures!

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