This Instagram star promoted her false eyelash brand while she was in labour and the internet is obsessed

This Instagram star promoted her false eyelash brand while she was in labour and the internet is obsessed

Despite all the photoshopping, and strategically placed ads - oh and their commitment to detox teas, and avocado toast - you have to admire how dedicated influencers are to everything "aesthetic".

But some of these beauty bloggers, vloggers, (or whatever they're called these days) occasionally take it too far. Case in point: Lilly Ghalichi. The former Shahs of Sunset star turned makeup mogul proved just how resourceful she was when she used the birth of her first child to promote her false eyelash brand, Lilly Lashes.

Taking to Instagram to post a snap of her newborn daughter, Alara, Lilly wrote, "Alara Mir. Born 9/30/18. Our hearts are so full. Thank you for choosing us to be your parents. Wearing the "MILF" Lash during delivery by @LillyLashes from the "Living Your Best Life Collection"

I mean, what better way to marry your two babies - one literal, and one business - eh?

And this cheeky bit of self promotion didn't escape the notice of social media manager, Amelia Perrin, who shared her love for the never-ending influencer hustle in a tweet which promptly went viral. "I love influencers," she captioned the reposted image of Lilly.

Naturally, the YouTube beauty community just loved it. "The gag: she told me about this before she ever had a baby, that she’d be wearing lashes during birth. So when she was pregnant & we talked about it, i said “if ANYONE is gonna wear lashes during birth, it better be Lilly Ghalichi wearing Lilly Lashes”. So she created this lash," fellow influencer, Gabriel Zamora wrote on Twitter.

And James Charles agreed, simply commenting "An on-brand queen."

"I literally meant I love it I think it’s hilarious /great. My mood when I give birth," a social media user wrote, while another added "The gag is that it’s completely on brand for her so less cringe than I think it would be otherwise. And I mean I’ve seen the lashes in action. They’re legit."

"Okaaaay single mama about to purchase the MILF lashes," a third stated.

Yeah, people really couldn't get enough of it all...

Now, that's how you give birth in style...