This is the lip liner Jennifer Aniston has been using for 15 years

This is the lip liner Jennifer Aniston has been using for 15 years

As much as it's fun to experiment with makeup by seeing how far you can go with your highlighter and blending hyper-neon eyeshadow like there's no tomorrow, we always have our trusty go-to favourites that stay in our makeup bags throughout the years. Whether it's that shade of foundation that seems to be the only one in the universe that matches your skin tone, or your favourite brand of mascara, they're are our "secret weapon" kind of products that we wouldn't feel ourselves without.

Of course, if you don't care that much for makeup, you probably won't get what I'm going on about. But Jennifer Aniston can relate. The 49-year-old recently sat down with InStyle to talk about a few of her favourite things, and she revealed that she's been loyal to one lip liner in particular for the past one and a half decades.

The former Friends star is known for her Rachel haircut and those piercing blue eyes, and she's always had a pretty neutral kind of makeup look on the red carpet. It appears that she's not a fan of a bold red lip and would always prefer a subtler natural tint on her lips. And now we know exactly what it is.

Jennifer told InStyle: "I've been using the same liner, [Estée Lauder Automatic Lip Pencil Duo in Fig], for almost 15 years. You can mix anything with it."

She's talking about this little baby:

Retailing at $26, the double-ended lip liner has the twist-up colour on one side and a brush on the other to mix lipstick, gloss or – like Jennifer says – "anything" with the liner.

Her preferred shade is a browny-pink one called Fig, though it does come in the equally delicious sounding Cafe Rose and Spice shades too. Another cool thing to mention before I sound too much like Estée Lauder is paying me (they're not) is that the colour cartridges are designed to be refilled – super sustainable!

It seems that the lip-liner is loved by many others too, otherwise it wouldn't still be in rotation on the shelves 15 years on.

Jen also mentioned another of her go-to makeup products. She really likes Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara right now, calling it her "new favourite". That doesn't cost an arm and a leg either – retailing at around $26 as well.

Jennifer touched on some other subjects, revealing that her dream holiday destination is "Anywhere that no one can find you". I mean, that's totally understandable coming from someone who is constantly being followed by paparazzi.

She labelled her guilty pleasure as watching The Bachelorette, and said her favourite restaurant is an Italian one from the east coast: "I love a good pasta at Sant Ambroeus — if only they'd open one in LA!"

Well, even though it's near impossible for us to join her for a bowl of spaghetti or a girl's night on the couch watching The Bachelorette, at least we know the kind of arsenal she keeps in her makeup kit. Thanks Jen!