TikTok teen looks so much like Ariana Grande, fans are baffled

TikTok teen looks so much like Ariana Grande, fans are baffled

Celebrities have their doppelgängers, and it some cases the result is so uncanny it borders on terrifying, well at least when it comes to Ariana Grande, and her lookalike who's making waves on TikTok.

Paige Niemann reportedly took to YouTube to learn how to do her hair and makeup like the Sweetener singer, and now fans are having difficulty telling the pair apart.

The 14-year-old started recreating Grande's photos on Instagram, and has since become quite the TikTok star by producing videos to the pop star's songs. She's now garnered an impressive one million followers on the platform.

Grande herself has since expressed disbelief at one of Niemann's TikTok videos: "I just wonder whyyyy the cat voice/ dialogue, I am sure she is the sweetest sweet sweetheart forreal !! But it's definitely bizarre seeing people blend the two worlds lmao," she tweeted.

Speaking to Dazed, the influencer revealed that her following grew exponentially after she started sharing impersonations, however, this didn't protect her from internet trolling.

"When I started to do my looks, like, her some of her fans are really sweet, but the other half are the meanest people I have ever seen online," she said. "I thought she was so gorgeous, it was such a huge honour."

"Ariana fans get so offended when people do anything similar to Ariana. They’ll be like ‘be yourself’, or that they don’t like people stealing, or that there is only one Ariana, that I’ll never be her."

Niemann chalks up her striking resemblance to Grande on their shared Italian-American heritage.

Watch as Ariana Grande performs in Atlanta, Georgia:

But ultimately, she isn't going to let the haters get her down. "I don't care what haters say. I’m just going to keep on doing what makes me happy, and looking like Ariana makes me happy," Niemann concluded.