Tom Hanks makes a rather unfortunate hand gesture at the SAG Awards

Tom Hanks makes a rather unfortunate hand gesture at the SAG Awards

We've written before about how award shows and red carpet events seem to always cause some kind of awkward moment while the cameras are rolling. Maybe it's something to do with all those free glasses of champagne or the fact that the cameras are trained on you, but there's always something cringe-worthy that happens at big events which are more of a talking point than some of those overdrawn speeches.

For instance? This week actor Tom Hanks raised eyebrows among TV viewers after he was caught on camera accidentally making a rather obscene hand gesture while being interviewed at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Watch Tom Hanks' rude gesture in the video below: 

Accompanied by his beloved wife Rita Wilson, the Forrest Gump star was jumped by reporters from Entertainment Weekly, who asked the glamorous couple what their perfect date night was.

At first, Tom's answer seemed pretty innocuous when he replied: "Sweatpants, a good movie on DVD ... We’re happy to stay home on as a date night because we go out so much."

But then the Academy-Award-Winning actor added: "Here’s when I know the night like that is going to be great; when she says: 'hey honey, can you whip me up a little martini?' And then I know: 'Ohhhh, it’s gonna be a nice night.' Right there."

Have a look at Tom Hanks' emotional speech at the Golden Globes this year: 

However, when the footage hit social media, a fair few Twitter-users thought that the gesture Hanks made to illustrate the martini-shaking looked somewhat onanistic.

For instance, one person using the handle @walkingwithmegz shared a clip of the masturbatory gesture, and captioned it: "Tom Hanks.... man are you okay? [sic]"

However, the big talking point of the award show was the fact that former husband and wife Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were reunited again, which has sparked hopes that they might soon get back together.