'Top Chef' star Padma Lakshmi criticized over bathtub photo

'Top Chef' star Padma Lakshmi criticized over bathtub photo

Top Chef star Padma Lakshmi took to Instagram to post a nude bathtub photo and fans are now roasting her for it.

In the snap, Lakshmi is seen enjoying a soapy bath in a copper tub, with flower petals floating around her. She explains that she is treating herself following a grueling six months on the road in the caption to the throwback shot.

"When you’ve been on the road for six months straight and you finally get a minute to yourself," she writes, along with the hashtags, "tbt", "self care", "treat yourself", and "deep sigh".

Check out Padma Lakshmi on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, where the discussion gets just a little x-rated:

But it was the very idea that she was "finally" getting a "minute to herself" with which her followers had a bone to pick.

"A minute to yourself?" one person wrote. "You have someone there to snap the picture. And probably someone to draw the bath and someone holding a towel. Lame."

"You’re not by yourself," added another. "Who’s snapping the photo, Lakshmi?!?!"

"Alone? Lol Beautiful though," wrote a third.

"Nothing says relaxing self-care like strangers in the bathroom on step ladders," yet another Instagram user chimed in.

Lakshmi was also mocked for the "awkwardness" of the photo - for both the situation and her rather uncomfortable looking pose.

"I have a bathroom photographer as well. It’s awkward sometimes," one person quipped.

"You look lovely, but my back hurts just looking at this. Lol," another wrote.

In any case, the 49-year-old television personality's busy schedule over the last few months saw her curate her own comedy show called Padma Puts on Another Comedy Show.

"I always loved listening to comedy, even when I was in high school," she told Vulture about her love of comedy. "I had a Joan Rivers album, What Becomes a Semi-Legend Most? It’s her on the cover in a fur coat and diamonds. I remember listening to that album [so much] that I knew it verbatim. And I really have a lot of admiration for comedy. It’s the hardest art form, as a performer."

Lakshmi returns as the host of Top Chef when the new season premieres in the spring.