Two fans got engaged in front of Taylor Swift and her reaction is everything

Two fans got engaged in front of Taylor Swift and her reaction is everything

When planning a marriage proposal, it's important to put some deep thought into how exactly you're going to give it that extra bit of sparkle. For Anthony Yannuzzi, this meant having his and his girlfriend's favourite superstar there when he got down on one knee.

While this may initially seem overly ambitious, amazingly Anthony managed to make it happen and proposed in front of Taylor Swift recently. While that alone might sound rather impressive, the Blank Space songstress' reaction made everything even better, with the event even generating a viral picture.

Before the concert, Anthony decided he would ask his partner of five years, Stephanie Psyher, to marry him, and painstakingly planned exactly how he would get Taylor involved. Creating an anonymous Twitter account, specially designed to get the 28-year-old star's attention, he began posting of his plan in the hope that the singer would catch wind of it and help him out when he attended her Reputation tour Philadelphia concert.

Sadly, it seems the Gorgeous star never saw his social media posts - but, as fate would have it, the couple were destined to get engaged in front of her anyway. At the Lincoln Financial Field concert, the couple were chosen for a 'Meet and Greet' with Taylor and escorted to a private room to be given a photo-op and a quick chat. Anthony couldn't believe his luck, having brought the ring along to the gig "because he thought he’d regret it forever if we got the chance to meet her and he didn’t bring it".

After watching his teacher girlfriend talk to her idol briefly about how all of her students knew of her Taylor Swift obsession, Anthony dropped down on one knee and proposed. Predictably, both Stephanie and Taylor completely lost it, with the latter screaming "Oh my God, is this for real?!" Luckily for him, all of that planning hadn't been for nothing, with Stephanie immediately saying yes.

Incredibly, Taylor enjoyed the unexpected proposal enough to upload a hilarious picture to her Instagram account, naming herself a "third wheel". "They walk into the meet and greet and he says “We met 5 years ago at the Red Tour” and then..... ????????????? #thirdwheel," the star wrote.

In the days after, Anthony spoke of his incredible experience, writing on Twitter: "When we finally got in the rep room to meet Taylor, Stephanie talked to Taylor about how she has influenced her career as a teacher. Then I had a chance to pop the question. To clear it up, we did not meet at the Red Tour. We are from the same neighbourhood but decided to attend the Red Tour show together. That is when we started to fall in love. I told Taylor about how she is the reason we are together."

In addition, he expanded on how Taylor had initially brought his closer to his future wife, stating: "We have spent countless hours listening to her music together. I can't thank Taylor enough for bringing us closer."

There has been no word so far on a wedding date for the pair of superfans yet, but there are no prizes for guessing what the first dance song will be...