Viewers left stunned by Christian Bale's accent after new interview

Viewers left stunned by Christian Bale's accent after new interview

There's no doubt that Christian Bale is one of the most talented actors working today, with a chameleonic ability to modify his voice and appearance to suit virtually any character. Indeed, if you just compare his athletic physique and voice in American Psycho to his rotund, balding appearance as Dick Cheney in Vice, then you'd almost swear it was two different actors.

However, due to this talent, the real Christian Bale is a bit of a mystery, and in a recent interview, a lot of people were surprised by the sound of his actual voice.

Watch this footage from the interview below: 

Indeed, you might well have forgotten that the Dark Knight star is actually British, being born in Wales and raised for most of his life in the United Kingdom. As a result, he has a strong English accent which many viewers of the interview feel is rather at odds with his most famous roles, such as Patrick Bateman and Bruce Wayne.

After the interview, in which Bale was plugging his new movie Ford V Ferrari (which also stars Matt Damon), Twitter users expressed their disbelief at hearing his accent.

Check out the trailer for Ford V Ferrari right here: 

However, we might be hearing more of Bale's natural accent soon. Per Vanity Fair, in a recent interview on CBS’s Sunday Morning, the actor said claimed that he's done with the weight fluctuations for the time being, stating:  Yes. I keep saying I’m done with it. I really think I’m done with it, yeah. Gotta be."

So there you have it: we could see Christian Bale playing more British-accented characters in the near future!