Vlogger is selling jars of her used dirty bathwater to 'thirsty' fans

Vlogger is selling jars of her used dirty bathwater to 'thirsty' fans

During these summer months, it's important to stay hydrated, but one vlogger is helping out her thirsty fans in a completely different way.

Belle Delphine is a vlogger, Gamer Girl, and "weird elf kitty girl", and in recent times she's found new ways to... 'interact' with her fans. Delphine's latest marketing ploy is to sell her fans jars of used bathwater - shilling the jars on her online store for as much as £24 ($30) a pop.

Talking about her latest stunt on Instagram, Delphine said it was "for all you THIRSTY gamer boys". In another post, she added: "What was i going to do to top my pornhub stunt? well if you guessed selling my bath water youd be right!! [sic]"

Meanwhile, on her online store, Delphine explains that the water is "bottled while I'm playing in the bath", and takes pains to warn whoever buys the used bath water that "this water is not for drinking and should only be used for sentimental purposes".

The Pornhub stunt Delphine referred to in the post above took place when she promised her fans she would start an account on the adult content website Pornhub, but when she did, she only used the account to post meme videos, much to her fans' dismay.

Meanwhile, commenters on her original bathwater post are equal parts impressed and critical. "Holy s**t, Bell has reached a level of power so high that she can sell her bath water and make a profit. Bell looks at her water bill and says 'No, you pay me,'" says one account.

But another account commented on her post by saying: "You truly are a shame to all girl gamers."

All in all, after this and her adult website stunt, it will be interesting to see what Belle Delphine thinks of next.