Weather presenter insures her famous butt for an insane sum of money

Weather presenter insures her famous butt for an insane sum of money

Twenty-four-year-old Sol Perez is the national sweetheart of Argentina and it's fairly easy to see why. The now-infamous weather presenter has racked up millions of followers on Instagram due to her physique, and she has now taken the steps required in order to protect the body that has given her such fame and popularity.

In order to safeguard her derriere, should anything awful ever happen to it, Perez has insured her world-famous bum for an eye-watering amount of cash. It has been reported that her perky posterior has been insured for 2 million Argentine pesos, which equates to around $100,000.

Perez regularly presents the weather on the TyC Sports Channel, but while this is what instigated her rise to fame, it's her saucy social media snaps that have captured the attention of most people. Perez often shares scantily-clad photos of herself out partying or lounging around by the pool in tiny bikinis.

Such is the amount that her backside has been insured for, if anything did happen to the star's butt, she would receive a pretty hefty payout. However, while this will no doubt come as good news to Perez, she has previously admitted that she finds it difficult to not only achieve her look, but to also maintain it.

The 24-year-old revealed that she had gained over 10 kg in weight due to her intense and gruelling workout schedule. According to Perez, her workouts predominately focus on weightlifting in order to give her the results that she requires.

Talking about her love of exercise, she said: "I like the culture around fitness and the atmosphere of a gym.

"It is trendy to post workout pictures at the moment but I only share what I want others to see."

Despite her popularity on the sports channel, it was recently announced that  Perez would be stepping down from her role as a weather presenter in order to perform in a theatre show called La Isla Encantada (The Enchanted Island) in Cordoba. The move to the stage, however, will not be permanent and she will be replaced by 25-year-old Marina Senuk who, rather unsurprisingly, is genetically gifted as well.

"I could not be more nervous! I want to tell you that there is a nice surprise coming among the TyC Sports family," Senuk said.

While it's largely thought to only be a temporary swap, local media have been speculating that Perez may not return to the sports channel. It's not the first time that she has ventured away from the world of weather presenting, with her previously having entered the world of boxing to be a 'ring girl' for Omar Narvaez's fight with Nikolai Potapov.

Also, it's been reported that Perez is being paid $348,500 for her seven performances with La Isla Encantada - something which hasn't gone down well with her co-stars - so she may have her head turned by the enviable amounts of money that she can earn elsewhere.

While Perez's butt is no doubt important to her image and status; if hers is worth $100,000, how much do we reckon Kim Kardashian could have her's insured for?