Wendy Williams sparks backlash after appearing to mock Amie Harwick's death on TV show

Wendy Williams sparks backlash after appearing to mock Amie Harwick's death on TV show

Talk show host Wendy Williams has provoked a backlash on social media this week, after seemingly mocking Hollywood sex therapist Amie Harwick's death.

In the 'Hot Topic's segment on the latest episode of her eponymous show, Williams discussed the tragic death of Harwick, who found on the ground beneath a third-story balcony outside her Los Angeles home on Saturday, February 15.

Take a look at the clip in question which has ruffled so many feathers: 

Investigators currently believe that she fell from the balcony and died as a result of the injuries she sustained plummeting to the ground, and have arrested Harwick’s ex-boyfriend Gareth Pursehouse in connection with her demise at the age of 38.

Williams reminded viewers Harwick was engaged to the host of the game show The Price is Right, Drew Carey, and made a joking use Carey’ of catchphrase  ("Come on down!")  in a reference to Harwick's death.

On Twitter, a number of people have expressed their outrage over Williams' comments and didn't mince their words when it came to slating the pundit.

For instance, one person stated: "I don’t get why there are so many sick people in the world who want to make jokes about someone’s death.. She had a family, friends and was in fear of her life but so many of you want to make a horrible joke about her and Drew?? What is wrong with you?!"

They added: "Also, #WendyWilliams needs to be taken off the air for her comment about her and Drew. If you can’t say anything respectful about people especially on your show then don’t say anything at all. So many #Heartless people out in the world these days it is sad."

This incident comes a mere week after Williams was forced to apologize to the gay community over comments she made during Valentine's Day.