Wife of notorious Candyman says she 'loves' sharing him with other women

Wife of notorious Candyman says she 'loves' sharing him with other women

Over the past few months, we've been hearing a lot about Travers Beynon - a tobacco tycoon better known by the pseudonym "Candyman".

Since attaining a certain degree of notoriety as a rich guy with a hedonistic lifestyle, Beynon has attracted a fair amount of criticism and controversy for his Playboy attitude, extreme "freaks unleashed" parties, and his X-rated Instagram account, which was recently suspended due to its provocative content.

The account, which contained reels of explicit snaps taken during various sex parties hosted by Candyman, had garnered more than 800,000 thirsty followers before it was banned for breaking Instagram's code of conduct.

Get a taste of his lifestyle with this exclusive video from inside the Candy Shop Mansion:

Candyman slammed Instagram for their decision to censor him. In a statement released by his Event's Manager, the ban was deemed "discriminatory"  because "loads of other accounts out there have worse content."

No doubt that is a reference to the Instagram icon, Dan Bilzerian, the poker-playing Playboy who has amassed a fan base of 25.2 million on Instagram alone. Bilzerian is famous for promoting his lavish lifestyle online with seductive snaps of half-naked models, exotic animals, and private jets. However, compared to Candyman, Bilzerian is merely an amateur.

Yet, despite his wild parties and sex antics, it may be surprising to learn that the 46-year-old Candyman is happily married.

During the week, Beynon spends quality time with his wife, 27-year-old Taesha, and his daughters. Oh, and his two permanent girlfriends: 22-year-old Nisha and 21-year old Krystal. The trio leads a polyamorous lifestyle, which Taesha says she's totally fine with claiming, "I like girls and I'm doing what I choose with my body."

On the weekends, however, things get even weirder, as dozens of other women come to their house in order to spend some quality time with the Candyman. And yet, Beynon claims that everyone is perfectly happy with the set-up, including Taesha.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Mail Australia, the eccentric Candyman revealed: "We're very happy. I've been married to my wife for eight years and our relationship - in a fun sense, in a family sense, and in a sexual sense - is like we first met."

He continued: "At the weekends up to 30 other women join us and my wife loves that part of it. She absolutely gets involved with the other girls."

But how does Taesha deal with her envy? Well, as she explains, she simply needed some time to get over it.

"I kissed girls when I was younger and have always been curious. I've had my time with jealousy and you get past it," she said.

Watch to see what REALLY happens at a Candy Shop Mansion party:

"Trav and I have a very strong marriage and a very strong relationship - we make enough time to spend one on one together. I feel like I'm always the center of his life."

And, while it might seem strange that Beynon has some women who are girlfriends, some who are just flings, and one who is a permanent fixture in his life, the tycoon says that his methods for choosing people to have a more serious relationship with are just the same as they would be if he wasn't polyamorous.

"There's a process of finding new girls like any relationship," he said. "You meet a girl, you court them and vice versa and then if it works out you become more serious – it's the same process."

However, he did admit that there's a certain amount of skill in maintaining a happy relationship with several people at once.

"There is a very certain skill to be able to have a wife and two girlfriends and have another eight to ten girls there at the same time," he said. "There are a lot of things you can't say or do and you have to be very mindful. You mustn't give one more attention than another or they get jealous. Girls want attention - we all do."

So, while Beynon may have come under fire in the past for his extreme decadence and seemingly misogynistic lifestyle, it does actually appear that his wife and girlfriends are fairly happy with the situation they've got going on.