YouTube beauty star reveals what she looked like before procedures and she's unrecognisable

YouTube beauty star reveals what she looked like before procedures and she's unrecognisable

The oft impossible beauty standards that society continues to perpetuate have inspired complexes in practically everyone. Certainly, pick up any glossy magazine, or take a scroll through your Instagram feed and you'll undoubtedly be faced with a slew of perfectly retouched, long-limbed gazelles who seem to be beach body ready come rain or shine.

However, there's also a double standard at play here. Those who choose to undergo plastic surgery to correct things that are deemed to be "flaws" are vilified for being "fake", and succumbing to the ideals that society writ large endorses.

One YouTuber who is helping to break down the stigma behind plastic surgery, however, is Nikkie Tutorials. The Dutch makeup artist and beauty vlogger, gained a legion of new fans back in 2015, when she posted a video titled, The Power of Makeup. The minute long clip, which sees Nikkie apply makeup to only half of her face to call out makeup shamers, garnered over 39 million views and made her one of the most respected "gurus" on the platform.

Now, Nikkie has continued to keep it real, and took to Instagram last week to post a Throwback Thursday that many a former caterpillar will be able to relate to.

Nikkie posted her first ever YouTube video in 2008, and naturally, her appearance has changed considerably in ten years. However, unlike other celebrities, the 24-year-old has always been refreshingly open about the surgical and non-surgical procedures she has undergone to look as amazing as she does now.

She recently posted an old school Throwback Thursday to Instagram, and it not only allowed us to revel in her "glow up" but also have a knowing chuckle at her brilliant caption: "THANK GOD FOR PUBERTY AND FILLERS".

Relatable, huh?

In an interview with Dutch television presenter, Fred Van Leer, Nikkie disclosed exactly how much work she has had done. Pointing at her forehead and frown lines, Nikki said "Total honesty... Botox here, here and eyebrows lifted. Also botox in my jaw because I move my teeth at night. Botox for the bunny lines."

After explaining her botox procedures, Nikkie moved onto fillers, and unlike a certain Kylie Jenner she was completely honest about her lip injections, and simply asserted "Lips, duh". "Cheeks, filler because I had a chin like an a**. Under my eyes, filler. The tip of my nose, filler," she continued.

Then, pointing to her nose, she said "botox here for the bunny lines," before motioning to the corners of her mouth and explaining that injecting botox there helps give you a lift.

Well, good on Nikkie for being so candid about the cosmetic procedures she's undergone. Whatever she chooses to get done to her face is her choice, and we love that she's spreading that message to her audience - the majority of whom are young women.