YouTuber says that the girl he kissed in viral 'prank' video really is his sister

YouTuber says that the girl he kissed in viral 'prank' video really is his sister

The YouTuber who kissed what viewers believed was his sister in a viral prank has said that he is actually related to the woman featured in the video.

Chris Monroe, the man behind the prank-based YouTube channel PrankInvasion revealed in an interview with Fabulous Digital that in actuality, the woman he kissed - a woman called Kaitlyn O'Connor - is his half-sister.

"She is my real half-sister. So, true she is not fully my blood but she is half and that is a fact," Monroe said, and an Instagram post uploaded a couple of weeks ago seems to confirm that fact. On March 20, Monroe posted to his 207,000 Instagram followers about O'Connor, building up to his now-viral prank.

He said in the caption:

"Had such an amazing time with one of my little sister’s @coutureforever on St. Patrick’s Day! You’re my half-sister but it honestly doesn’t feel like it—so thankful we’ve stayed so close all our lives. Go follow her and show her love! If this photo gets 30,000 and my sis will kiss on YouTube!"

In the video - which has since generated over three million views in the space of about two and a half weeks - Monroe and his half-sister O'Connor start to play a game of rock-paper-scissors to initiate the kiss, and although Monroe's videos on PrankInvasion seem to be staged, commenters have been quick to express their disgust.

"The worst part is you can tell he’s enjoying it 🤮 every time she tries turning around he grabs her face and eats it," said a user by the name of J B, while Ashley Castle theorised: "Seems like your [sic] going to follow your sister and show her some love anyway. I'm pretty sure that wasn't just for YouTube. Pretty sure a prank is played on someone."

Monroe described the moment as "like a life experience" that will "bond them", but Kaitlyn says she "never wants to do that [the kiss] again".

Some people have claimed that girl is his cousin, not his actual half-sister.