Zayn Malik confirms Taylor Swift travels around in a suitcase to avoid paparazzi

Zayn Malik confirms Taylor Swift travels around in a suitcase to avoid paparazzi

If you became a celebrity, you'd probably bask in the attention from adoring fans and persistent paparazzos. However, after a certain point, you'd get tired of admirers pestering you for selfies and photographers following you everywhere like the T-1000. In order to get some privacy, you'll have to disguise yourself when you leave home, and sometimes donning a hat and sunglasses doesn't fool anyone.

Well, Taylor Swift came up with an innovative way to avoid the public: traveling around in a suitcase. Seriously. Now, rumors about this surprising behavior originally popped up in July 2017. The photo wire service Splash News shared a photo of two men carrying an enormous suitcase into Taylor Swift's apartment in the Tribeca neighborhood New York City. (And one of the men is giving some serious stink eye.) The caption to the photo read, "Taylor Swift being transported in a huge suitcase."

Switfites and Internet detectives immediately launched an investigation, to verify the truth of this shocking report. Since they were unable to discover any evidence, the report was decreed to be false. I mean, it had to be, right? Taylor Swift, one of the biggest singer-songwriters in the world, with a net worth of $320 million, climbs inside a suitcase to avoid the tabloid attention? Seems pretty crazy.

However, singer Zayn Malik, who has collaborated with Swift, just confirmed that the long-held fan theory is true. During an interview with British Vogue, he raved about Taylor's Swift's ability to avoid the paparazzi. "She was travelling around in a suitcase," he stated.

That indicates that Taylor really was in the suitcase in that 2017 Splash Magazine photo. Crazy, right? I think it's time for a remix. "Sorry, the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now." "Why?" "Oh, cause she's in a suitcase!" Also, Taylor Swift Suitcase Carrying Dudes, if you're reading this, please deliver her to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's house as a prank. That would be hilarious.

Zayn Malik Credit: Getty

In the same profile, Zayn Malik confirmed that he has stopped identifying as Muslim because he no longer "believes any of it." "I don’t believe you need to eat a certain meat that’s been prayed over a certain way, I don’t believe you need to read a prayer in a certain language five times a day,"said the 25-year-old. "I don’t believe any of it. I just believe if you’re a good person everything is going to go right for you."

Luckily, it was easy for Zayn to leave Islam, because his parents allow their children to follow the religion of their choice.  He stated, "I believe whatever people’s religious beliefs are is between them and whoever or whatever they’re practising. For me, I have a spiritual belief of there is a god. Do I believe there’s a hell? No." And does he believe Taylor Swift travels around in a suitcase to avoid the paparazzi? Yes!