Chaka Khan roasted for NBA all-star game national anthem performance

Chaka Khan roasted for NBA all-star game national anthem performance

If you're a musician, then being asked to sing the national anthem before a sports game is one of the highest honors that you can receive. However, the pressure on you to perform at your very best can be overwhelming.

Not only have you got to perform in front of a huge and captive audience (and let's face it, the national anthem isn't anyone's favorite tune of all time) but you've also got to stand out from all the other famous people who have already nailed it. Pretty nerve-wracking.

And unfortunately, Chaka Khan is being roasted on social media this week, after she inadvertently amused social media users with a rendition of the anthem before the NBA all-star game.

Take a look at this video of Chaka Khan's performance: 

Per CNN, the Grammy Award-winning former lead singer of Rufus delivered version of 'The Star-Spangled Banner' on Sunday evening, which drew a lot of comparisons to Fergie's infamous performance.
On Twitter later, a number of sports fans expressed their bewilderment over Khan's vocals. For instance, NBC reporter Eric Perry wrote: "I love Chaka Khan and she is truly 'I’m Every Woman' but it sounded like all of those women were trying to come out during that vocal performance [sic]"

Meanwhile, someone else wrote: "I adore Chaka Khan. She is a living legend, but I DID NOT like that rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner AT ALL. Lord help her. [sic]"

However, some other people leaped to Kahn's defense and claimed they liked her version. For instance, one person stated: "Everybody, Chaka Khan is a soulful singer and she did the Star Spangled Banner, her way, tonight. There’s no perfect way to sing it.  There’s other people in this world who have different voices. Don’t be judging how people should sing and act. Leave Chaka be, now! [sic]"