Danny Trejo saves baby trapped in overturned car

Danny Trejo saves baby trapped in overturned car

He might be known for playing the bad guy on the big screen, but actor Danny Trejo proved himself to be an everyday hero when he saved a baby trapped in an overturned car.

Per ABC News, the incident took place yesterday in Los Angeles at the intersection of Hubbard Street and Jackman Avenue.

Trejo, 75, witnessed two vehicles collide after one driver skipped a red light, causing one of them to flip over. The overturned car had a baby strapped into a car seat inside.

The actor jumped into action to save the child, at first trying to access the car through a broken window. However, he was unable to unclip the belt of the car seat alone but eventually managed to save the child with the help of a bystander, Monica Jackson.

In the video below, Trejo explains the heartwarming way he kept the child, a boy, calm: 

At the scene, the actor told a photographer: "The only thing that saved the little kid was his car seat."

The actor explained that he was shocked by how many people drove by the accident without stopping to help.

Danny Trejo in a hat. Credit: Getty

He told reporters: "There was a lady in the front seat that was pinned and she kept screaming 'my baby, my baby' and so I went to the back seat and me and some guy that was there pulled open the back door because it was stuck."

Needless to say, the incident provoked quite the response on social media.

Some believed that Trejo has not received enough credit for being a top human:

And, of course, there were the jokes regarding the heroic persona of the Mexican star:

In an interview with  CNN affiliate KABC, Los Angeles Fire Department revealed that three people were taken to hospital. None of their injuries are life-threatening.

"Everything good that has happened to me has happened as a direct result of helping someone else," Trejo told KABC. "Everything. And that's the way I live."

This isn't the first time that the 75-year-old has hit the headlines in recent weeks either. He also announced that he would be joining the Area 51 raid.