Dr. Pimple Popper reveals why she doesn't like watching other people's pimple-popping videos

Dr. Pimple Popper reveals why she doesn't like watching other people's pimple-popping videos

Dr. Sandra Lee has made a whole career out of popping people's pimples, so you'd think that she would be all about getting as much information as possible on her favourite topic.

But you'd be very wrong, as was recently revealed by a rare confessional video filmed by Dr. Pimple Popper. It turns out that some pops, squeezes and pus are too much even for the queen of pimples.

In a rare confessional-style introduction to the video, the 47-year-old professional admitted she was "not a true popaholic" because she doesn't watch pimple popping footage not made by her - but not for the reason you'd expect...

Rather than because she feels grossed out, the dermatologist can only watch her own videos because she doesn't have control of the pop in others. "I'm not a true popaholic," she said. "Every time there's a big popping video on the internet, I seem to get a flood of texts or messages or tags, and I will tell you a little secret: I don't watch those videos. I can't. It bothers me [...] Maybe it has something to do with control [...] I know when I'm doing a surgery that I'm under control and that the person is safe and I know everything is going well. I think that's part of it — I don't know. Either that or I guess I'm just into my own pimple popping."

So, is there anything that the 47-year-old doctor finds gross? Or is she completely and utterly immune to this kind of thing now? Shockingly, Dr. Lee does have one thing that she simply can't stand: toes.

When asked by Mashable if she ever has to suppress a gag reflex from time to time, she told them: "I have to be careful with that, and I definitely don't really do that when I'm doing cysts or something. If something's infected, it can smell bad, but I think I've conditioned myself not to do that because I'm so aware — and my staff knows this too, they know to never go ahhh oh my god. We never say anything. We try not to get excited because these people are coming in a very vulnerable state. You don't want them to feel embarrassed about it."

She continued: "I definitely have to suppress a little gag when I have to deal with somebody's toes or toenail fungus. My husband is a dermatologist, and he removes toenails — I can't do that, that's too disgusting. It's like, barbaric, it's like, ugh."

The dermatologist recently wowed fans all over again when she removed a woman's "tail" on her show. Having nicknamed the tail "Lizzie the Lipoma", the patient - a young woman called Taylor - had lived with a lump in between her bum cheeks since she was born and told of how it had destroyed her self-confidence. Luckily, Dr. Lee was there to help, sewing Taylor up with "two to three times" the normal amount of stitches to make sure the incision heals correctly.

What a career, eh?