Eminem reignites Iggy Azalea feud after labeling her a 'b***h' in diss track

Eminem reignites Iggy Azalea feud after labeling her a 'b***h' in diss track

Rappers are notorious for their lyrical digs, and this week, Eminem has returned to a familiar target: Iggy Azalea.

The slam occurs on a track featuring called 'Bang' from Griselda’s new album WWCD (What Would Chine Gunn Do). In the verse, the featured rapper, 47, lists all of the people he should be compared to... and those who he shouldn't be compared to. Needless to say, Iggy is on the latter.

In the video below, Lord Jamar lambasts Eminem: 

Eminem's lyrics read: "Compare me to Manson, Marilyn or Charles / Compare me to Nas, Biggie, or Pac / Do not compare me to that Iggy b***h or all this f*****g Milli Vanilli hip hop."


Listen to the controversial track for yourself: 

The rapper then references Meek Mill's probation battle and Nicki Minaj.

"Compare me to Meek, big wheelies get popped / One by one, compare 'em to scabs, I'm picking them off / They're going home to f**k Nicki Minaj / Aw, compare me to Diggity-Das / I'm hickity-hitting it raw / In the trailer park," he raps.

While Iggy, 29, has yet to respond to the diss, it's safe to say that a retort is inevitable.

In the 2018 track Kilshot, Slim Shady stated: "You ain't never made a list next to no Biggie, no Jay/ Next to Taylor Swift and that Iggy h*e, you about to really blow."

Eminem performing. Credit: PA Images

Iggy then responded in a series of indirect tweets, writing: "Diss songs shouldn't be filled with celebrity name drops to pad out lazy bars. […] And that's my unbiased opinion from a girl that watched this guys set and sung the words in the crowd. I'd think it regardless."

Credit: Twitter

She continued: "One of the greatest to do it, I'm NOT in dispute about that. But I do think the name dropping thing has become a crotch.

"Also let's talk about why it's lazy now; but wasn't in the earlier work. The earlier stuff was crazy, twisted and creative. This stuff feels more like picking names that fit easily into a rhyme scheme [sic]."