Fashion Nova's extremely revealing lace up top is being ridiculed online

Fashion Nova's extremely revealing lace up top is being ridiculed online

The likes of Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Thing continue to confound the internet with their, for lack of a better word, interesting sartorial designs.

The most recent garment to pique the attention of social media users was a top from Fashion Nova, dubbed the Party Starter Long Sleeve Top. The fast fashion retailer has gained notoriety for peddling styles that have been deemed "unwearable" such as the "front thong" bodysuit and see-through chaps, and now it appears we have a new contender.

Watch Britney Spears put on a fashion show for Instagram:

The top, which retails for $24.99, features a lace-up front that connects just above the bust, meaning it has the potential to leave you feeling very exposed.

Some thought the model was wearing the item backwards, with an Instagram user corroborating "So, a cardigan with only the top button done up?"

"Why would u wear this other [than] the bedroom?" another queried. "Hysterical."

"Im a granny idk about these young kids [sic]," wrote another social media user on the brand's Instagram account.

Others were more than happy to make jokes about the item of clothing. One said that she'd be too "scared to move" once she got it on, and another jested that they're "Totally going to wear this to church".

"So y’all want us to get pneumonia out here," added a third.

Some, however, said that they loved the risqué look. "I love this shirt," wrote one Instagram user, detailing that she'd "just tie it at the bottom," for a more modest look.

"I want this shirt!!! But I know better," another added.

The cropped, long sleeved top is available in two colour-ways, black and burgundy, and it features a thick knit and rhinestone lace-up detailing.

Well, would you be daring enough to wear it?