Anna Kendrick only just remembered that she was in 'Twilight' and fans can relate

Anna Kendrick only just remembered that she was in 'Twilight' and fans can relate

Have you ever had that thing where you're doing something really mundane and everyday, like mowing the lawn or doing the dishes, when all of a sudden a memory from the past comes, unbidden, into your mind.

That time you called the teacher mom by accident, that horrible day when you waved at a total stranger thinking you recognised them, the moment you pulled your high school crush to one side to tell them your true feelings and they laughed in your face. You know, those moments.

We forget about them, only for them to arrive in our memories once more years later, kicking and screaming, and reminding us just how awkward and useless we once were. The memory: it's a wonderful thing.

Well Anna Kendrick appears to have had a fit of the 'oh my goodness, that actually happened', and it's not about something innocuous and easily forgotten, but rather the fact that she appeared in one of the most popular movie franchises of all time.

Admittedly, this might have been somewhat tongue in cheek, but as it turns out, her fans were really relating hard to the sudden memory, wholeheartedly agreeing with her sentiment.

Though some were keen to point out that she totally made the best of her time with the franchise.

Just for the avoidance of all doubt then, Anna Kendrick, you were in Twilight, and you were absolutely hilarious, too. You'll probably remember it all over again in ten years while you're doing the washing up.