Arnold Schwarzenegger has 'an experience and a half' watching son's sex scene in new movie

Arnold Schwarzenegger has 'an experience and a half' watching son's sex scene in new movie

It's a fact that nobody wants their parents to know too much about their love life, but when you're an actor and you have to perform a lovemaking scene, it sadly becomes something of an occupational hazard.

Indeed, this week Terminator actor Arnold Schwarzenegger claimed that he had an "experience and a half" when he saw his son Patrick, who is also an actor, perform an intimate sex scene in a horror movie he stars in.

Check out the interview with Arnold below: 

In a recent interview with Fox LA, the former governor of the state of California and star of Commando, Predator, and Total Recall, spoke about watching his son in the thriller Daniel Isn't Real.

Schwarzenegger stated: "His acting was so extraordinary, he’s so talented and all of a sudden there’s this sex scene all of a sudden. It was wild. ‘I remember my [ex] wife called me the day [and] she said, 'I just saw Patrick’s movie. It’s unbelievable, and I’m sitting there and he didn’t tell me anything about it and all of sudden there’s his naked butt there having a sex scene.'"

He added: "It’s really an experience and a half. He’s really working his way up and getting the starring roles... [Patrick's costars] tell me, 'Arnold, you have the nicest son. He's so well prepared.'"

Take a look at the trailer for Daniel Isn't Real below: 

Directed by Brian Egypt Mortimer, Daniel Isn't Real is based on Brian DeLeeuw‘s novel In This Way I Was Saved. In it, Patrick Schwarzenegger plays the imaginary friend of a traumatized eight-year-old boy named Luke who witnesses a public shooting. Daniel, the imaginary friend, then nearly convinces Luke to commit a heinous crime. Years later, Daniel reappears when Luke is an adult, and pushes him to the edge of his sanity.