Bizarre moment TV presenter recoils in horror as male co-host sticks her finger in his mouth

Bizarre moment TV presenter recoils in horror as male co-host sticks her finger in his mouth

There are some things you just shouldn't do with your co-workers - and sticking parts of their body into your mouth is probably one of them. But earlier today on UK breakfast show Good Morning Britain, a lighthearted segment on potato chips escalated to the extent that a male presenter shoved his female co-host's finger in his mouth.

Susanna Reid, the female presenter on the other end of the impromptu gesture, recoiled in baffled horror as Richard Arnold laughed at her reaction.

This is the moment a male TV presenter bizarrely shoved his female co-host's finger in his mouth:

The potato chips segment was a response to a rather heated Twitter debate which was sparked by yesterday's Channel 5 documentary, Britain's Favourite Crisps.

In the documentary, Doritos, Pringles, and Walkers were voted Britain's favourite potato chips, while Mini Cheddars, Nik Naks, and Walkers Squares found themselves right at the bottom of the esteemed ranking.

The Good Morning Britain presenters continued the debate on their show, weighing in on their personal preferences. The discussion started off a fairly tame one, with the show's most controversial host - Piers Morgan, that is -  arguing, "You can't beat original Hula Hoops in my opinion."

Reid then responds by saying she prefers the "Barbecue Beef" flavour. It was then, however, that the segment took a peculiar turn.

While still on the subject of Barbecue Beef-flavoured Hula Hoops, Arnold abruptly interjects with a reference to a Doritos commercial. It is precisely at that moment that the daring host grabs Reid's finger, placing it inside his mouth, prompting Reid to scream in shock.

Susanna Reid's reaction to co-host shoving her finger in his mouth. Credit: ITV / Good Morning Britain

"What was that?" Reid asks, clearly disturbed by the invasion of personal space. "Even Piers Morgan wouldn't put his finger in my mouth," she asserts.

And it certainly wasn't just Reid herself who was taken aback by Arnold's impulsive action, intended as a playful albeit ill-advised pop culture reference.

"What have you just done to your colleague?" Morgan says. "If I did that, I'd be arrested!"