Black Widow and Captain Marvel wore infinity stones to the 'Endgame' premiere and fans are freaking out

Black Widow and Captain Marvel wore infinity stones to the 'Endgame' premiere and fans are freaking out

Marvel fans are buzzing for the latest film in the franchise, Avengers: Endgame, which is set for release in cinemas this week.

The highly-anticipated movie had its world premiere in LA on Monday, and, the stars were all there to show their support for the latest superhero flick.

Watch the official trailer for Avengers: Endgame:

Included in the star-studded cast are Scarlett Johansson, who plays Black Widow, and Brie Larson who plays Captain Marvel.

But fans of the franchise - being the astute viewers that they are - noticed one special addition that the actresses brought to the premiere.

Both Johansson and Larson were essentially wearing Thanos' infinity gauntlet with all six of the infinity stones.

This is the 'infinity gauntlet' Johansson wore on her left hand (the same hand on which Thanos wore his):

infinity gauntlet Credit: Getty

Included in the 'gauntlet' were the time stone (green), space stone (blue), reality stone (red), power stone (purple), mind stone (yellow), and the soul stone (orange).

Larson wore something very similar on her left hand, but the colours were arranged in a different order:

infinity gauntlet Credit: Getty

Included in her 'gauntlet' were the time stone, reality stone, soul stone, power stone, and the space stone. And for a nice finishing touch - the mind stone formed part of a bracelet the Oscar-winning actress wore.

Evidently pleased with her gorgeous jewellery, courtesy of working on what is set to be yet another explosive blockbuster, Larson posted a short clip to Instagram, featuring the infinity stones in all their glory:

But not content with simply believing that the stones were included purely to celebrate the upcoming release of the film, fans insisted that their gauntlets had some sort of special significance.

"Both Scarlett and Brie are with the infinity stones as rings but until now just them, this means something???" one user wrote.

And there were plenty more fans who were both excited about the pair's choice of jewellery and felt that it meant something in particular.

I guess we'll just have to wait until the movie comes out, later this week, to see if these fans were onto something.