Brilliant footage emerges showing Jackie Chan 'learning' Shaolin fighting techniques from a kid

Brilliant footage emerges showing Jackie Chan 'learning' Shaolin fighting techniques from a kid

Jackie Chan is one of the hardest working people in the film industry. Even when you put aside the physical effort he's put in over the years through intricately-choreographed martial arts scenes, or the many many injuries he's sustained well into his 60s, he's also logged a huge number of movies.

In 2011, the actor co-directed, produced, and starred in a movie called 1911 - and, incredibly, it was his 100th film. He didn't stop there, however, and has made another fifteen movies in the years since, with another nine in production. With a busy timetable like that, and a lengthy career behind him, you'd think that he'd have nothing more to learn.

Just look at him in action:

And here's an adorable photo of him with two pups, just for fun:

Also in 2011, Jackie Chan made a special appearance in Hong Kong-Chinese martial arts production Shaolin, starring as Wudao, the Shaolin cook monk. While on set, Chan was actually the student for a change, being taught Shaolin techniques from a child on set.

In behind-the-scenes footage uploaded to YouTube, you can see him following the advice and teachings of the kid in the video below:

The original YouTube video, put online by a Jackie Chan fan club, has now reached over two million views. It recently made the rounds again once it was shared in a Reddit thread, where one user speculated: "He was definitely playing along, but that kid was f**king adorable correcting his stance."

Regardless, that child has some serious skills for someone his age. And how adorable is Chan to take the time out to bond with him, even throwing in a special handshake?