13 Behind-the-scenes shots from 'The Haunting of Hill House' that you need to see

13 Behind-the-scenes shots from 'The Haunting of Hill House' that you need to see

We know exactly what happened onscreen in The Haunting of Hill House. But the question is, what happened behind-the-scenes of the Netflix horror hit?

Luckily for all of us fans, the cast heavily documented their time filming, and dozens of candid pictures have since been uploaded to social media. So, forget all about the ghosts that still spook your nightmares, and feast your eyes on 13 adorable Instagram photos of the cast having a fabulous time.

1. A table read with the whole cast

2. A painfully adorable snap of Julian Hilliard and Oliver Jackson-Cohen

3. Young Nell popping by to see her adult self lying in a casket

4. Oliver Jackson-Cohen hanging out with one of the Hill House statues — and Timothy Hutton ghosting right behind him

5. The two Nells in happier times

6. Victoria Pedretti showing us that things weren't as full of doom and gloom behind-the-scenes

7. Paxton Singleton helping Mckenna Grace prepare for Theo's dancing scene:

8. Another little dance party taking place

9. Julian Hilliard and Olive Abercrombie being all cute

10. Mckenna Grace and Julian Hilliard looking most likely both thinking: "Are you sure this is all fake?"

11. Julian Hilliard telling a wild story to Oliver Jackson-Cohen

12. Elizabeth Reaser and Oliver Jackson-Cohen having a giggle in the makeup trailer

13. Julian Hilliard eating lunch with one of the ghosts

Despite what the pictures suggest, being on set wasn't all fun and games. In fact, some of the cast couldn't sleep and felt "crazed" during filming...