Charlize Theron announces release date for 'Mindhunter' season two

Charlize Theron announces release date for 'Mindhunter' season two

During an interview with Howard Stern on SiriusXM to promote her new romantic-comedy Long Shot, Charlize Theron accidentally revealed the release date for Mindhunter, season two. (Wow, maybe Howard Stern should be an FBI investigator!) When the radio host raved about the first season, Theron said, "Season two is coming out in August. Yeah, can't wait. Deep, dark... it's wonderful."

Netflix has not confirmed the release date, but since Theron produces the series, it's safe to say she knows what she's talking about. The gloomy thriller, which is based on a true story, follows two FBI agents as they attempt to catch serial killers by understanding their psyches. In the first season, Cameron Britton earned raved reviews for his portrayal of real life murderer and necrophiliac Edmund Kemper.

Back in 2017, Netflix picked up the series for a second season before the first season premiered. While speaking with Billboard, executive producer David Fincher said he already had another real-life crime in mind. "Next year we’re looking at the Atlanta child murders," Fincher said, "So we’ll have a lot more African-American music which will be nice. The music will evolve. It’s intended to support what’s happening with the show and for the show to evolve radically between seasons."

Between 1979 and 1981, 29 individuals of various ages - mostly black children - were killed in Atlanta Georgia. FBI agent John E. Douglas, who serves as inspiration for Mindhunter's Holden Ford, captured the prime suspect, 23-year-old Wayne Williams. Williams was convicted of two of the adult murders, but maintains his innocence to this day.

In March 2019, authorities announced they are re-examining evidence with new technology in hope of solving the unsolved cases. The objective is not to vindicate Williams, but to bring closure to the victim's families, the Atlanta mayor said, per CNN.

Typically, Netflix releases new seasons on Fridays at midnight EST. So, if Theron's statement is accurate, you can expect it to premiere one Friday in August. (And have a hard time sleeping that night!)