'Criminal' is going to be your new Netflix obsession

'Criminal' is going to be your new Netflix obsession

Now that we've stormed through Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black, there appears to be a dearth of new content on Netflix. But don't fret, autumn is shaping up to have some contenders.

One of the most hyped titles to be released is Criminal. It's a police interrogation drama, which is set to star David Tennant and Hayley Atwell, and rumour has it that it's going to give Line of Duty a run for its money.

Criminal has been hailed as one of Netflix's most ambitious features to date. Described by the streaming service as a "stripped-down, cat-and-mouse drama," which "focuses on the intense mental conflict between detectives and suspects," it's filmed in four languages across four different countries; France, Spain, Germany and the UK.

Watch the teaser trailer below: 

In the first trailer to be released by Netflix, the cast are seen having their mugshots taken. This is then followed by intense scenes of interrogation.

The crime series focuses on 12 different stories, all of which take place in a police interrogation room. At the time of writing, there are no further details on the different stories.

David Tennant will be starring in the show, alongside Avengers actor, Hayley Attwell, and Clare-Hope Ashitey. And to ensure it will really be the crime drama of the season, Line of Duty's Rochenda Sandall and Lee Ingleby will be joining the cast.

Each episode is written and directed by different people from the episode's respective flagship country. However, the overall series is produced by Killing Eve's George Kay and Endeavour’s Jim Field Smith, which means that we're in good hands.

The first season will be released on Netflix on the 20th of September.