Emily Ratajkowski appeared on iCarly back in the day and here's what she looked like then

Emily Ratajkowski appeared on iCarly back in the day and here's what she looked like then

By this point, there's probably no need to introduce you to Emily Ratajkowski. In all likelihood, you already know her as the super hot model who rose to prominence after appearing in Robin Thicke's 2013 song Blurred Lines and continued afterwards to wow us all with her stunning photoshoots and body positivity agenda. If you want to put it simply, she is the woman your partner obsessively stalks on Instagram.

But, while she's a bonafide goddess to some, to others she will always be Gibby's girlfriend on iCarly. Yes, that's right. You might be shocked to hear that the American model was on the Nickelodeon American teen sitcom not once, but twice, appearing as Tasha, Carly's friend Gibby's girlfriend.

Only 18 years old at the time, Emily first showed up in season three, episode three 'iSpeed Date'. The storyline sees Sam ask Gibby to the dance, since she believes that no one else did. However, she is left bewildered and angry when Gibby turns her down. What other plans does Gibby have, you ask? Well, he's already got a date with Tasha (Emily), a girlfriend who is presented as being insanely out of his league.

Tasha is not seen again until season three, episode 11 of the show 'iEnrage Gibby' where iCarly crew records the rotting of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (which belonged to Gibby) on the webcast, and then meets Gibby's beautiful girlfriend after.

Drama soon ensues when Tasha asks Freddie to help her find a birthday present for Gibby, but accidentally trips and falls on him. Gibby walks in and thinks that Tasha is cheating on him with Freddie, so breaks up with Tasha and challenges Freddie to a fight.

The episode comes to its close with a happily ever after ending though, with Freddie realising that the camera caught the incident and him and Tasha proving their innocence. Phew!

Unfortunately, Tasha was never seen again on the show again. But Emily sure had the last laugh, becoming an international star, gracing the front covers of magazines like Esquire and GQ. Who'd have thought that Gibby's girlfriend would become such a hit?

So, what's she been up to recently? Only today the American model was in the news for flaunting her incredible physique in an Instagram photoshoot. Wearing a bikini, she performed a sexy dance for the camera as uptempo music played in the background, gaining over four million views for her efforts.

Her followers certainly appreciated her post, with hundreds of comments stressing how gorgeous she looked. One admirer wrote: “Wow just wow, you are a beautiful young woman and a gorgeous goddess of a model and person," while another added: "Such a pretty model, actress and business woman," and a third said: "Nothing more beautiful on this earth than a woman in a bikini!"

It just proves, whether she's wowing us with her acting abilities or stunning us with beautiful photographs, Emily can do no wrong.