Fran Drescher wants Cardi B to star in a 'Nanny' reboot and Cardi B is 'with it'

Fran Drescher wants Cardi B to star in a 'Nanny' reboot and Cardi B is 'with it'

During an interview with SiriusXM's The Michael Yo show, Fran Drescher discussed the possibility of reviving her classic 90's sitcom The Nanny. After all, Netflix brought Full House, NBC brought Will & Grace and CBS brought back Murphy Brown - why not bring back The Nanny?

However, Drescher's got a novel idea for the revival: Cast hilarious rap superstar Cardi B as the title character. Just like Fran Fine, Cardi's an outspoken fashion-forward New York diva with a very distinctive voice. (Okay, Cardi's from The Bronx and Fran Fine is from Flushing, Queens, but hey, close enough.)

"I've talked to her representation," said Drescher. "She and I on social media, on Instagram and stuff, she's often putting us together. My picture, her picture. She's very influenced by the stye of myself and 'The Nanny' from back in the day and it's very flattering to me. Truth be told, I'm not developing that as a television series right now, but I am working on something that I think 'The Nanny' fans are going to be very excited about... something 'Nanny' related."

Drescher was mum on whatever that mysterious 'Nanny' project is, but she did seem keen on an 'Okurrr!' take on the source material. "In my head, I always thought that for a television series, it might be more fun, rather than [do] where are we twenty years later, to actually do the show with a whole new cast and get like a Cardi B to play 'The Nanny' and get like an Obama type to play Mr. Sheffield," said Drescher.

Hey, why settle for "an Obama type"? Barack Obama isn't president anymore, so he probably has tons of free time. The fans demand a reboot of The Nanny starring Cardi and Obama!

"Maybe I could be Cardi B's mother Syliva, and just mix it up," said the 61-year-old actress, who created The Nanny with her husband, Peter Marc Jacobson. "I actually think [Cardi]'s funny. I think she's beautiful and she has a funny voice. She's from New York. She's got the style of a star and you can't buy that."

This isn't first time Drescher has commented on the possibly of Cardi taking on the role. Last October, she appeared on  The Talk, and gushed, "I love Cardi B. It kinda got my creative juices going, 'cause I thought, ya know, looking at the two of us together...she has a funny voice too! I thought, ya know, she could play my daughter, right? Wouldn't that be awesome? Me and Cardi? I'm always thinking!"

After the interview aired, Cardi responded on Instagram, writing, "IM WITH IT !!!!" alongside an image of her and Drescher. "This makes me so happy cause i love her ❤️"

Well, hopefully Cardi books this job as a TV nanny, so she doesn't have to drug men and rob them anymore.