'Friends' fan realizes the Geller family all share this hilariously x-rated secret

'Friends' fan realizes the Geller family all share this hilariously x-rated secret

It's been almost 15 years since the last episode of Friends aired, and yet we are still finding out new things about the show and its characters. We now know who Ugly Naked Guy really is, what actually happened to Ben when he disappeared without a trace, and we've finally caught on to all those dirty jokes we missed the first time.

Even with so many re-runs and re-watches, though, there are still some details that managed to slip under the radar. Or, they did for most people, anyway.

Yesterday, one Reddit user named /u/RootingForYou_ posted to the subreddit "How You Doin" (for all things Friends-related, of course) in order to share a revelation they'd had about the TV show; specifically, the Gellers... and their sex lives.

Friends ross and monica Credit: Warner Bros

Now, everyone knows the two main Gellers in the show: Ross and Monica. However, their parents - Jack and Judy - also appear in the sitcom from time to time, and we learn a fair amount about them when they do. How much, exactly? Well, enough to know that they once made a sex tape.

And they weren't the only ones!

"All the Gellers have one thing in common," wrote /u/RootingForYou_.

"Besides their last name they all have made a sex tape!

1. Jack and Judy with each other.

2. Monica with Richard ("he taped over me?!") And almost made one with Chandler but they got interrupted by Joey.

3. And don't forget the infamous tape with Ross and Rachel.

"I have watched this show countless times and it just occurred to me. Is it a Geller thing? Ross's one wasn't intentional but still I find it funny that all the Gellers have one."

So are the Gellers all super kinky? Or is something else going on here?

As one other Reddit user explained:

"Well, Ross technically didn't intend to tape himself with Rachel, so, I wouldn't consider him kinky at all. (Remember how he struggled with dirty talking) he's not into that stuff.

"About Monica... she did take a naked picture of herself and gave it to Chandler. But the earlier tape with Richard... I believe was a Richard thing, since the tape was kept in his own video tapes library. But we'll never know for sure.

"Jack was totally a naughty fellow... He did feel up Judy in the bathroom... he did sneak up on couples DOING IT in the hospital... I'm pretty sure he was responsible of making that tape of him and Judy."

ross friends Credit: Warner Bros

Basically by coincidence, then, all the Gellers share this one NSFW trait - which is sort of weird, when you think about it. What's even weirder, though, is that basically all of their friends know about it.