Friends fans have spotted something seriously weird in the season 10 finale episode

Friends fans have spotted something seriously weird in the season 10 finale episode

It's been more than 14 years since the season finale of Friends hit our screens, and yet the show is still proving to be more popular than many other contemporary sitcoms. Part of this evergreen popularity might have something to do with the fact that the 10-season series recently got added to Netflix, and therefore attracted a younger audience who had never seen it before. Another factor in its success, however, is that it's just plain awesome.

In the 24 years that it's been on our screens, though, some eagle-eyed viewers have spotted a number of mistakes in the show. There are moments in the earlier seasons when some of the actor's understudies have been left in the shot, for example, or story arcs develop that don't quite add up when you consider some earlier points of the show (like the fact that Ross manages to be 29 for three years).

And then there's some stuff that's just plain weird.

In a recent Reddit thread, one person pointed out something particularly strange in the background of a shot in the final episode of season 10, aptly titled, The Last One.

The scene takes place in Joey's flat (where, admittedly, there are a lot of weird things hanging around), where the Days of our Lives actor is looking around for the baby chick and duck he's bought Monica and Chandler as a moving in gift. While he's doing this, however, a strange figure can be seen in the oven behind him.

At first, it looks like it could be some kind of bird that's been put in to roast - perhaps a chicken or a turkey. But, on closer inspection, it seems to have... legs?

So what is it? Some kind of doll? A smaller version of Hugsy? Rachel's weird hairless cat?

Well, after lots of speculation, fans seem to have come to the conclusion that it's actually Joey's yellow M&M toy, which does make more sense when you look at the proportions of it.

But this isn't the only piece of Friends trivia that's been weirding people out recently.

Earlier this month, one of the show's fans took to Twitter in order to announce the horrifying news that Dylan and Cole Sprouse - the twins who got one of their first big acting breaks playing Ross' son, Ben - are now older than Rachel Green was at the beginning of the show.

What's more, Courtney Cox (Monica) is now older than Richard - her much more senior boyfriend - was when he appeared on the show.

But you know what? In all the time that's passed since the season finale, I'm willing to bet that not much has changed in the Friends universe. Ross and Rachel are probably still bickering all the time, Monica and Chandler are no doubt living the dream, Phoebe is probably still playing renditions of Smelly Cat at Central Perk, and Joey - well, Joey is probably still leaving toys in his oven.