'Game of Thrones' makers finally explain how Arya killed the Night King

'Game of Thrones' makers finally explain how Arya killed the Night King

Whether you loved or hated the ending of Game of Thrones, you have to admit: the moment that saw Arya Stark kill the Night King was pretty incredible.

Although, as amazing as it was to watch, many fans out there were somewhat confused by the logistics of the whole thing.

While Arya was a trained faceless assassin/professional killing machine, one question on every viewer's mind was: how did she manage to leap and appear out of nowhere to save the day?

Relive the fantastic moment Arya finally killed the Night King here:

This question was finally answered in The Last Watch, a two-hour documentary that went behind the scenes of season eight of the hit HBO show.

One scene in the program showed the first table read for episode three, The Long Watch, and saw producer and scriptwriter Bryan Cogman excitedly explain how the young Stark would bring the biggest, baddest villain in Westeros down.

Narrating the moments leading up to the kill, he revealed a pile of dead wights helped the second daughter of Eddard and Catelyn Stark out in her mission.

How did Maisie Williams and the rest of the Game of Thrones cast react to Arya Killing the Night King? Find out at the table read:

"Something is hurtling towards [the Night King] out of the darkness: Arya," he reads. "She vaults off a pile of dead wights, leaps at the Night King, and she plunges the dagger up through the Night King’s armour. The Night King shatters."

After he reads out the big moment to the cast and crew, everyone present is seen clapping and cheering; Maisie Williams grins with the knowledge that she will be the one to solve Westeros' main problem, while Kit Harington sits next to Sophie Turner, gasping at the revelation.

So, that clears that up quite nicely! Thank God for behind-the-scenes footage!

But how on earth did they put the scene together? Learn all about it here:

In addition to allowing us in the first table read of season eight, the documentary also allowed us to see exactly how the Night King's death was filmed, with footage of Maisie looking very uncomfortable as she sails through the air attached to a harness.

Another memorable moment that moved fans was when Kit Harington sobbed at the table read as he realised Jon Snow would murder Daenerys in the finale.

There's no doubt that we'll be sobbing along with him now when we realise we have no new Game of Thrones to watch on Sunday nights.