'Game of Thrones' star said being written out of the show "felt like a punch in the gut"

'Game of Thrones' star said being written out of the show "felt like a punch in the gut"

One of the purest, kind-hearted people to ever walk the streets of Westeros was Missandei. She was a loyal advisor to Daenerys and a loss that will almost inevitably spell more trouble for the Mother of Dragons.

But perhaps the most tragic thing was that after rising from her status as a slave and finding love, Missandei left this world once again in chains, having been captured by Euron Greyjoy during his attack on Daenery's fleet.

This was Missandei's heartbreaking death scene: 

Now, Nathalie Emmanuel, who plays Missandei, has revealed that her character's death "felt like a punch in the gut".

In an interview with Making Game of Thrones, the actress said that while she'd an inkling that her character may be one of the final season's casualties, she couldn't help but feel like "her journey had been cut so short."

Missandei and Grey Worm. Credit: HBO

"We meet Missandei as an enslaved person in chains, and then she dies in chains. I really felt the weight and tragedy of that and what that meant - not just in the show, but in the world. It felt like a punch in the gut," Emmanuel said.

"I knew it would be the same for people who supported Missandei and connected with her story."

Check out the incredible preview for Sunday night's episode:

Describing her character's death scene, Emmanuel said that it was very bittersweet, particularly as her last word "dracarys" - which is the High Valerian word for "dragonfire" was a call for Daenerys to avenge her death.

Missandei at the gallows. Credit: HBO

"I was devastated that that is what happened to her," she said, "but was happy with how strong and brave she was right up until the very end".